Negru Voda – Dobruja Region

Fin de Siècle has already released a few outstanding experimental electronic records. All of them are all but easy listening. You need to invest time to listen to and appreciate these recordings. This album by Negru Voda is like that. The record shifts between gloomy moods and pounding rhythms.

Dobruja Region reminds me a lot of Lustmord and his darkest ambient style. The industrial rhythms and dark and haunting sounds on this record are fused into impressive musical pieces like the works by Lustmord.

Like many (dark) ambient records Dobruja Region is like a soundtrack. This one is a very disturbing one. So, be warned. Like the other Fin de Siècle Media releases, this record is not light to digest.

artist: Negru Voda
label: Fin de Siècle Media
details: 6 tracks, [fds08]