Negru Voda – From liquid steel to frozen metal

This single is looking great. The fullcolour gatefold-cover shows soem abstract landscapes, in nice greys and blues. The vinyl itself comes in a bright blue colour.
Megaptera is no longer, last year they released their swansong “Beyond the Massive Darkness”. But Peter Nyström is back with Negru Voda, once just a project, now his main musical outing. We are treated to two decent industrial compositions. ‘The Ghost at Leftwood Lake’ is a carefully built up noisy soundscape, with a scary atmosphere. I imagine the creatures coming out of the lake at night… On the other side we find ‘Under The Ice (fragment 2)’. This track is harsher and more rhythmic, but with the same dark, uneasy atmosphere. It contains deep droning noises, factory sounds and a lot of breaking glass. I don’t want to know what is to be found under this ice, I would not be at ease walking over it…
Megaptera is dead, but if Negru Voda continues in this way the loss will soon be forgotten.

artist: Negru Voda
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 7', 2 tracks