Negru Voda – Unplugged

Negru Voda unplugged? Peter Nyström playing John Denver songs around the campfire? No, not really. This cd contains 6 tracks recorded at an industrial festival in Vilnius in 2004.

The musical ingredients are what you can expect: pounding (metal) percussion, rusty machine noises, manipulated samples and a variety of sampled voices. The sound is very clear and loud, perhaps thanks to the mastering of Magnus Sundström. The cd does not have an instant live feeling, you don’t hear any applause or other audience noises. You do get a feeling of improvisation in the monotonous but gradually evolving track structures.

Unplugged is a solid and powerful release, which focuses more on the industrial than the dark ambient side of Negru Voda. The heavy rhythmic elements are really massive at times. For instance in combination with the ominous sounds of the third track, or in the next piece which sounds as if factory halls are being demolished. Grab it while you can, it’s limited to 279 numbered copies.

artist: Negru Voda
label: Autarkeia
details: 6 tracks, 38 min, 2005 [ACD 010]