Nenia C’alladhan – Nenia C’alladhan

For lovers of Sopor Aeternus (to which group I belong) this cd is an absolute must. Nenia C’alladhan is a project of Anna-Varney (the dark mastermind behind Sopor) and Constance. Both women take care of the vocals on this cd. Constance is responsible for the ‘lyrics and the original melodies’, Anna-Varney created the ‘arrangements and music’. Further there are no less than seven guest musicians involved in Nenia C’alladhan.

In my opinion the music has a typical Sopor sound, so for me it is not quite clear why this cd was released under another name. Perhaps because other people are involved in this project, or because Nenia C’alladhan has a somewhat lighter, more fantasy-like image. It has become a atmospheric, dreamy, fairytale cd with titles like ‘Schwarzer Spiegel’ and ‘Sternblumennacht’, one of the highlights. The accompanying booklet really looks marvellous. It contains all the lyrics, and nice matching images for each song.
In short, fans of Sopor Aeternus should have Nenia C’alladhan in their collection…

label: Apocalyptic Vision