Neon Rain – Dirtier than the dirt

Neon Rain is a project from France, making music in the field of dark ambient-industrial. This is their first album, and it is also the start of the new record label “Steelwork Maschine”. Their music is not too accessible. The first track has a deep framework of machines rumbling, with a estranging flute sound on top of it. I like the second track ‘Humanity as a carrion’ better, this one is more rhythmic and melodic, and also contains (strangily) distorted vocals, which makes it more interesting. Quite a good piece, though it goes on a bit too long, clocking over nine minutes.

It is followed by a track which starts as an experimental soundscapes, with strange analogue sounds and radio waves. But then a strong, heavy beat enters the sonic picture and some loud steel percussion, with dark drones in the background. ‘Misunderstood nagativity’ is a rhythmic attack, with complex beats. ‘And the fear never comes from outside’ is a dark oppressive soundscape, with a female French chanson singer sampled against a very low rumbling background.

Neon Rain treats us to five more tracks, combining rhythmic industrial with dark ambient and experimental elements. Quite a nice and varied album of this promising French act.

artist: Neon Rain
label: Steelwork Maschine
details: (SMR-001]