Nerve Exhibit – The horror of amusement

Nerve Exhibit, the project of Johnny NeRo, is not ashamed to sound old-fashioned, but openly embraces a retro-style. They name early Skinny Puppy and New Order as their influences and have contributed to a Cure-tribute in the past. Nerve Exhibit makes danceable electronic music with dark distorted vocals. Songs like ‘Sky ripped blue’ and ‘Taste for futility’ certainly have similarities to Skinny Puppy (think ‘Assimilate’-style), though more accessible and less challenging. ‘Choke’ and ‘The blue below’ are surpringly mellow, with coldwave influences or perhaps resembling slower NIN tracks. The instrumental ‘warmth’ does not do much for me. But all in all quite a decent old-fashioned piece of work.

You can download some songs from Nerve Exhibit at

artist: Nerve Exhibit
label: self-released
details: 5 tracks