Nervous Patterns – Nervous Patterns

Nervous Patterns is a project related to Lost Sounds. This cd is a very diverse piece of lo-fi post-punk and indie rock music. So, sort of in the vein of Lost Sounds.

‘Pictures On My Wall’ could have been a Lou Barlow song and ‘Robot’s On The Loose’ would have fitted on the first album by The Breeders. Even though the sixteen tracks are going into all directions, they form very much an album together. The lo-fi production and atmosphere seems to create a sort of cohesion between the different tracks.

Most outstanding on this album is the song ‘ These Patterns’. Which is a very good dancefloor track in the weird style of The Phantom Limbs and The Weegs.
Recommended to open minded listeners.

artist: Nervous Patterns
label: Cochon Records
details: 16 tracks [COCHO15CD]