Nesrin Sen – Type

Nesrin Sen is a multi-talented woman from Sweden. She is active in the field of visual arts, as a sculptor and painter. Now she has also produced her first album. In the booklet you see photos of her walking through the forest and sitting on giant tree with her guitar. Nesrin has created eleven songs in the best singer-songwriter tradition. Most of the music is rather tranquil. Acoustic guitar and her voice are the dominant elements. Now and then some classical elements are present too.

Overall the music on ‘Type” is pleasant to listen to. The songs are soft, but not too smooth, they have enough character. There is also variety in sound (quite a number of different musicians are involved) and emotional content. Some singers I’m reminded of are Heather Nova, Tori Amos, Kristin Hersh and even PJ Harvey in the rather rocking ‘Out of the Clouds’. One of my favourites is the melancholic, jazzy ‘Love is like fire’, with a nice backing of jazz, piano and trumpet. Also very good is the fragile ‘Rainbow God’.

Nice pleasant listening music of a talented singer, with a nice clear voice and an ability to write moving songs.

artist: Nesrin Sen
label: Nesrin Productions
details: 11 tracks. 2002