Netz – Misgiving transmitter: werk 03

Some cd’s are just a bit weird. So is this cd, from the electronic collective Netz, although there is no specific reason for it. But, when listening to Misgiving transmitter you can only draw the conclusion this is not an ordinary record.

This cd contains twenty-one tracks, which are divided between eleven ‘real’ songs and ten intermezzos. The point is that Misgiving transmitter does has too many ideas put into the individual songs and the album as a whole. Due to this there is a lack of cohesion on this cd, although some of the ideas are good. For the most part the tracks differ a lot when it comes to sounds and atmospheres. The only steady ingredient is a dominant idm/elektro feeling, but this is never really worked out.

Some of the tracks have a industrial sound (‘Lightfighter’), another more wave (‘Schnee’) and yet another sounds EBM-ish (‘Tot’). But, all tracks have some weird elements to them, like opera singing, distorted vocals or mixed-up beats. These elements do unfortunately not always benefit the songs.

‘Hate’ and ‘Blutrausch’ are the highlights of the album. These are good tracks that are well written, a bit in the Skinny Puppy electro/industrial vein. Hopefully Netz will produce more of these tracks in the future. Misgiving transmitter draws the attention but is not convincing enough.

artist: Netz
label: Artoffact Records
details: 21 tracks, [AOF017]