Neun Welten – Valg

Neun Welten is a young folkgroup from Germany. Their music is inspired by mythology and nature. This results in atmospheric folk that due to the use of a drumkit sounds full of energy. Often folk music is tranquil and soothing. The music Neun Welten plays is also like that, but the drum parts make it more lively.

This EP features three tracks, of which especially ‘Valg’is outstanding. The song has a kind of Scandinavian folk feeling to it and is both a good dance tune as well as a wonderful listening experience.

The other tracks, ‘Nebelland’ and ‘Waldquell’, are both excellent pieces of instrumental neofolk. Unlike many so called neofolk music Neun Welten really has something to do with folk music. Their use of instruments and the melodies they play, make up for beautiful, original folk (in opposition to traditional folk).

Only point of criticism is that maybe Neun Welten should add a singer to their band. The music is good, but the songs would benefit from lyrics and a good (female) voice. But even without that, this band is a true promise for the contemporary (neo) folk scene.

artist: Neun Welten
label: Auerbach
details: 3 tracks, [AB010]