Neun Welten – Vergessene Pfade

After a mini cd in 2004 and various performances, Neun Welten felt confident enough to release a full cd on Auerbach. The young German band has created an album inspired by Edda and other Nordic myths, with 10 songs that can be described a bit disrespectful as campfire folk music.

The majority of the songs are instrumental and are performed with acoustic guitars, violin, flute and a few other acoustic instruments. The uptempo first song ‘Valg’ is a highlight (and already known from their mcd) with energetic strings and rock drumming. As the album continues, my attention starts to dwindle. Neun Welten certainly known hows to play, but many songs are a bit alike and not very daring.

Empyrium is a comparison which comes to mind at their best moments, often I’m also reminded of 70’s folk rock. I’m quite pleased with the last song ‘Heidenacht’ (recorded live), because it’s different from the rest of the material, with a peculiar gothic whispering voice, the sound of a burning fire and a sad violin melody. More of these tracks with an own signature please.

artist: Neun Welten
label: Auerbach
details: cd, 10 tracks, 2006 [AB 018]