Neuroticfish – Bomb E.P.

In the past the modern EBM / futurepop outfit Neuroticfish has had some club smash hits like ‘Velocity’ and ‘Wake Me Up’. ‘The Bomb’ is alsmost for sure another clubhit. It has all the ingredients to become one; straight four to the floor beats, a catchy melody and melancholy vocals.

On this E.P. there are four versions of the title track, of which the single edit is the best. The ‘dub version’ is also not bad with a more authentic EBM feeling to it.
Next to these different versions of ‘The Bomb’ this EP features some exclusive tracks. ‘Suffocating Right’ will appear in a different version on the fortcoming new album Gelb. It is a slow song with a very melancholy mood. ‘No More Ghosts’ is exclusive recorded for this E.P. The track has a breakbeat kind of rhythm. A nice extra for this release but not really an outstanding track.

Very nice is the last song ‘Care’, an old track but now recorded without beats, only the vocals and the melodies make up for the version included here. A wonderful ending for this precursor for the new album Gelb.

artist: Neuroticfish
label: Strange Ways Records
details: 7 tracks, [WAY228]