Neuroticfish – Gelb

The infosheet of this cd says: ‘Neuroticfish is back and this time he is not alone.’ Meaning that the longtime live-keyboarder, co-producer and remixer Henning Verlage has now become an official band member.

This doesn’t however mean that the music has changed. Expect an album filled with catchy dance tunes in the typical ebmisdead/futurepop idiom of Neuroticfish. The first single, ‘The Bomb’, is a good example of that, just like ‘Why don’t you hate me?’, ‘Waving Hands’ and ‘Solid You’.

Of course there are also some melancholy ballads to be found on Gelb. Most surprising is the cover version of the weird 60’s hit ‘They are coming to take a me away’ by Napoleon XIV. Which is already becoming a small clubhit if I am not mistaken.

Gelb is all you may expect from Neuroticfish. No surprises, but also nothing to complain about for the fans….

artist: Neuroticfish
label: Strange Ways Records
details: 13 tracks [WAY229]