Neutral – Walpurgis Night

Yet another great Russian band, after Romowe Rikoito and The Moon Far Away. This is the debut album of Neutral, released by Brudenia. Neutral makes folky acoustic music, with guitars, violin, piano, drums and percussion. Singer Ash is capable of making a convincing and moving performance. Sometimes a few darkwave influences can be heard. Special about this debut is that it was recorded live, in the Luisen Kirche in Koenigsberg.

Some splendid tracks are included on this album, but the absolute highlight is ‘Diamonds in your Hands’, of which two versions are present. Especially the last version is splendid, and reason enough to buy this record. It is the only studio track on this album, recorded together with Romowe Rikoito. A moving composition, beautiful strings and great male and female vocals are the ingredients of this masterpiece.

artist: Neutral
label: Brudenia
details: 9 tracks