Neutralizing Force – Absolute Terror

A mini cd with four tracks by Neutralizing Force, a project of Jeremy Brown, Twenty minutes of electronic music, dealing with the powerful psychological weapon of terror. The instrumental tracks are heavy and dense, with a gritty low-resolution sound. There are certainly melodic aspects, everything is not covered under a wall of noise. The music is harder to digest though than that of labelmates Wreathy, who leaves more space, though there are similarities in sound between the two acts.

There are melodic ambient/classical layers, heavy (metal) percussion and bass and distorted digital textures, with various surprising classical and computer sounds thrown into the mix. Neutralizing Force offers uncomprimising structures, which are powerful and oppressive, though at times not focused enough and a bit over the top. I have the feeling that too many ideas are crammed into the tracks. On the other hand, this mini cd is certainly not boring, I hear new things every time. Heavy stuff which won’t leave your ears and senses untouched.

artist: Neutralizing Force
label: Mile 329 Org
details: 3" mcd, 4 tracks, 2005 [mile329.15]