New Concept – The Outer Gates

Strange Ways Records is mostly known for its Wolfsheim releases, one of the most (if not the most) popular synthpop group for years. Next to that Strange Ways also releases music by other artists (like Neuroticfish, De/vision and Mila Mar), which is mostly also in the synthpop vein.

New Concept is a new singing by the label. The electronic pop music this bands plays is built on a clear beat that claims a central role in the songs. There are also some subtle guitar parts to be found in the sound. Of course there are 80’s references all over place. The best proof that New concept has been listening to 80’s music is the good Depeche Mode cover ‘Blue dress’.
The Outer Gates is a poppy record but also a bit smooth at times, typical music for the masses. I think I just put on Casting Shadows, the latest Wolfsheim album, once more. That album is just a little bit better.

artist: New Concept
label: Strange Ways Records
details: 15 tracks [way219]