New Order – Here to Stay

When I watched the movie ’24 Hour Party People’ recently, about the Manchester music scene, I was happy that I remained in my seat during the final credits. Because otherwise I wouldn’t have heard the latest New Order single ‘Here to Stay’. And a fine track it is! That New Order is ‘here to stay’ may be clear, though in the past things did not always look bright for them. After the tragic ending of Joy Division, no one expected that the remaining musicians would return with such a succesful reincarnation such as New Order. Though their albums did perhaps not possess the same magic as those of Joy Division, they sure made a couple of classic tracks. ‘Blue Monday’ of course, which became the best selling 12 inch single ever, and which still sounds fresh today when you hear at a party in between more recent dance tracks. ‘True Faith’ is another succesful hit which makes you move. Both songs were re-released a few times in new versions. And with ‘World in Motion’ New Order even made one of the biggest British football (or soccer for you Amnericans) anthems.

According to me, ‘Here to Stay’ may be ranked amongst their best tracks today. It’s a triumphant, dynamic anthem, which gives me an euphoric feel. On the 12 inch three different versions can be found, co-produced by The Chemical Brothers. I really like the ‘Full lenght vocal mix’, with the typical New Order guitar sound, a catchy melody, excellent vocals by Bernard Summer and rather modern beats. The song really is moving and has a varied structure. It makes me think a little of ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ at times. But I have the feeling that ‘Here to Stay’ combines all the good bits of the New Order past in one track.

To ensure that New Order is connected to the modern music scene a long ‘extended glitz mix’by Felix da Housecat can be found on the B-side, which is suitable to play at electroclash parties. This version focuses mostly on a heavy beat, with most of the guitars taken out and with a more modest role for the vocals. A good mix to dance too, energetic though a bit superficial. The ‘Scumfrog – dub mix’ is less to my liking, somewhat too monotonous and funky for my taste.

Also present on this record is their 2001 single ‘Crystal’, a powerful electro-rock track which was sort of a come-back for New Order. This song for some reasons makes me think of good old Jesus & Mary Chain. Crystal’ is an addictive song, which gets better with each listening turn, just as ‘Here to Stay’.

Is it dance? Is it rock? Is it alternative? It’s a refreshing good song! I hope New order will be around to stay a bit longer…

‘Like a bright light on the horizon
shining so bright he’ll get you flying’

# Here to Stay (full length vocal)
# Crystal
# Here to Stay (felix da housecat – the extended glitz mix)
# Here to Stay (the scumfrog dub mix)

artist: New Order
label: London Records
details: 12', 4 tracks