Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar – Hackelsekista

Walking through a landscape enchanted by black wizards. Water dripping around you, your own footsteps resounding on the concrete, shuffling onwards, afraid to look back. Surprised by everything around you, looking up, where does that sound hail? A lot of things happening around you, though they sound as far away.

Not that original? Nope these five Swedish guys don’t surprise too much which this debut album, it’s a recording like there are many. Then again, the quality of the work is quite high, I’ve heard much worse before. And the experimental influences make it an album well worth listening to as well. The sound quality of this record is very good and the five tracks, all above 10 minutes in length, are well written.

A good album for those who like their bit of dark ambient sounds with some experiment.

artist: Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar
label: Total Holocaust Records
details: 5 tracks, released 2003