Nipsey Russolo – Noise Reduction

A cute 3 inch mcd, limited to only 50 copies, with a very cool retro nostalgic B-movie look. There are five tracks on it, which apparently contain sounds which were “gathered by processing tracks from various noise artists with noise-reduction technologies & techniques”. Well, that’s an interesting concept by the mysterious mr. Russolo. You could say he took the noise from the noise, and reassambled the leftover fragments into rather abstract sonic structures. The experimental result is at times intriguing, like the shimmering clear sounds of ‘Pony up the twenty’ or the minimal droning sounds on ‘Hair beyond space’. An interesting creation, but perhaps more for the ideas behind it than for the actual sound.

artist: Nipsey Russolo
label: Housepig Records
details: 3" mcd, April 2005 [hpig-004]