No More -­ Dreams: early recordings

No More is best known for the track ‘Suicide Commando’, an early minimalistic EBM piece. Next to that the band produced much more music, which is seldom heard. This LP compiles the early work of the band and features material from early tapes, two early 7” releases (Suicide Commando and Too Late), the A Rose Is A Rose 10” release and a few previously unreleased tracks.

Possibly it has to do with the source of some of the material but the sound quality of this LP could have been better. Besides that not all selected tracks are very strong. It is nice to hear some of the previously unreleased material and the tape tracks, but mostly out of historical perspective as aesthetically.

Dreams relies too much on the ‘Suicide Commando’ hit and status. Two versions of this track are featured on the LP, which is not essential. The tracks is widely available on various compilations and there are different vinyl pressings of this track around which can be found with a little effort.

In short, not the best Vinyl On Demand release so far but I am sure there will be people interested in this record and happy with it.

artist: No More
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: vinyl - LP, 15 tracks [VOD23]