No Xivic – Uneksija

In a digipack with rather curious painted artwork comes this dark ambient creation by no Xivic. This is a project by Henkka Kyllönen from Finland, who released some cd-r’s and EP’s before. On this 70+ minute album a really desolate atmosphere is created, where humans are largely absent. The dark soundscapes filled with bleak drones, uncomfortable crackling sounds and occasional metal rattling.

The first and last tracks are the most striking ones, because of minimal classical elements which create a cinematic effect. The second track, ‘Gloom’, also caught my attention, with a very oppressive sound. In general “Uneksija” is a solid piece of dark ambient, which manages to evoke a feeling of isolation and somberness.

artist: No Xivic
label: Onyxia
details: 8 tracks, 73 min., 2004 [onyx003]