Nordheim, Arne – Dodeka

The only work of Arne Nordheim that I had heard before this release was the re-working of his compositions by Biosphere and Deathprod (also released on Rune Grammofon). While this re-working clearly had the identity of the latter two artists, it also contained a very special atmosphere that could not be ascribed to both reworkers.

It is this atmosphere that is also present on Dodeka. The cd contains 12 tracks (hence the name ‘dodeka’) of very minimal sound experiments, which remind me of some of the early experiments with ‘minimal’ and ‘atonal’ music. The sounds are very beautiful and could best be described as ‘icy’, it sounds like someone is playing icicles as a xylophone or something. With these sounds Nordheim makes interesting abstract compositions that have an overall dreamy character.

Dodeka is a very aesthetic release, which comes in a very nice digi-pack as well. This release certainly comes recommended for sound explorers and dreamers.

artist: Nordheim, Arne
label: Rune Grammofon
details: [RCD 2030]