Northern Lite – My Pain

After the two very good singles Treat Me Better (just re-issued) and Reach The Sun, Northern Lite has released this third single from the yet to be released debut album. ‘My Pain’ is in the typical and already recognizable
Northern Lite style with a clear and harsh electro beat, a minimal guitar riff and dark vocals.

The band could be referred to as an updated New Order. ‘My Pain’ is like a lot of New Order songs very dancefloor friendly and both their sound and style will stand the comparison. Next to an album version there is a Monosurround remix as B-side to this 12”. This is a somewhat weird and more typical electroclash version with some disco influences. Nicely done, but not as good as the original version.

Around august the debut album from Northern Lite is expected. Don’t miss out on that one, and this single. Northern Lite is a gain for the electro scene.

artist: Northern Lite
label: 1st Decade Records
details: 12'