Nos Royaumes – L’Antichambre

Angle Rec. is a young label from Canada. They first came to to the surface with a disc by Vromb, and now they have manufactured a second item. “L’antichambre” is the debut of the Montreal-based project Nos Royaumes. The single is pressed on a nice thick piece of vinyl and comes in a grim dark sleeve with two inserts with texts. The item is rather limited, so a possible collector’s item. That is, if the music is worthwhile. Well, I think it is certainly interesting. Two tracks with a rather dense background of sound, haunting spoken words and a chilling mood.

The music of ‘L’Antichambre’ gives me a somewhat confused feeling. The song evolves slowly. Most striking element are the rather peculiar sounding spoken vocals, strangily distorted. The electro-acoustic background is dense and claustrophobic. A solemn repetive rhythm goes on till the end. ‘Ornements de beauté nihiliste’ has a rather noisy sound, more sinister vocals and a ritual, monotonous rhythm, which makes some parts of your body move back and forth. It sounds like some sort of evil bad trip, and also makes me think of some old psychedelic stuff. A single which is hard to describe but which has an original, interesting sound and an oppressive atmosphere.

artist: Nos Royaumes
label: Angle Rec.
details: 7'. 2 tracks, 222 copies [A.R.07.01]