Nothing – The grey subaudible

This album by the American formation Nothing has been released by the Italian label Eibon. I don’t know anything about this band, like their line-up or any other releases, but I do know that this album is of a very high quality. Seven tracks are on it, with a total playing time of 52 minutes. The sound is very dark and dense, reminding of ‘Cold Meat’ products like Raison d’Etre or The Protagonist. Orchestral and bombastic, with dark, often recited vocals.

The opening track is a noisy soundscape, the next track, ‘Working through the nail’, is very impressive: long, creating tension and with unexpected turns. Song 5 reminds me of Ordo Equilibrio, especially by the way of singing. Number 6 is rather weird and experimental, and the conclusion is a piece of harsh noise. This album of Nothing has surprised me in a positive way.

artist: Nothing
label: Eibon Records