Notstandskomitee – Souvenirs aus der Zukunft

Notstandskomitee was also featured on the compilation World of Disorder from Disorder Records. The track on that release was a good one but it was much too long to keep the attention of the listener and the dancer. The four tracks on this 7” are more friendly when it comes to duration.

‘Interstellare Liebe’ is built around a minimal and loud rhythmic structure. The distant vocals and minimal sound effects are very well-timed and give the track just what it needs to keep interesting. This track is an instant minimal elektro hit. The other track on the A-side, ‘Kleine Ausserirdische’, is a bit slower and also darker. Nervous and high pitch sounds seems to be a trademark of Notstandskomitee as they appear in this track but also in some other tracks on this release.
Also in ‘EBK” these sounds pop up. The final track, Abschied’, is another track for the dancefloor, maybe not an instant hit but a true quality tune.

All tracks on this release were recorded between 1990 and 1993, but who cares. The music is very good and the musician Malte Steiner has been producing these sounds much longer and will probably keep doing that for some time. I hope so at least.

artist: Notstandskomitee
label: NLW
details: 7”, 4 tracks [NLW009]