Novalis – First Cadence

A new band, with (I assume) their debut mcd. All I know of Novalis is the info found in the booklet, namely that the band consists of Marcel (Keyboards and drums) and Stev (Vocals & guitar). Their label is the German Black Rain, and that the band is of German origin can also be heard through their accent. I wouldn’t mind if a next release contains songs with German lyrics! The music can be described as romantic neo-folk, although purists could complain that the keyboards are too dominant at times. The style of Novalis reminds me a bit of Belborn at times. Most songs are rather good, especially the opener ‘Kiss the Devil, with a powerful chorus and ‘Break a Heart’ with some trumpet sounds. Only the last track, ‘Golden Wings’, can’t please me that much, this songs is rather cheesy and the refrain is sung a few dozen times too much. The music is rather varied, sometimes the acoustic guitar is in the forefront, a few songs are more electronic. The singer isn’t one of the best vocalists I’ve ever heard, but it has its charms. On the nice song ‘Setting Sun’ he is aided by a female singer. All in all Novalis hasn’t convinced me yet that they are one of the better German neo-folk acts, but this mcd has enough potential to make me curious for their first album, which is announced for the beginning of 2002.

artist: Novalis
label: Black Rain
details: 5 tracks