November Növelet – More Satanic Heroes

November Növelet, the infamous Haus Arafna project, is known for their danceable “Misanthropy” track, which can often be heard at industrial parties. The rest of the tracks on their first and only full-length are more laidback and minimal.
Before the release of this full-length (which is also reviewed on Funprox), N.N. also released this very limited 7” with 4 tracks. Although the 7” has a less clear and somewhat more extreme sound than the cd, it’s still unmistakable N.N. All tracks have these typical “wobbly” sounds accompanied by slow beats. Mrs. Arafna does all the vocals if I’m correct, which sound very obscure and intense.

The first track, called “November Növelet”, has all this, plus totally insane high-pitched tones woven through the song. Track 2 and 3 are in the same vein. The last track, “Bloody November” is somewhat different than the rest. Although it’s built around the same principle, it contains a sort of minimal 80’s beat with handclaps and overall just sounds a bit less “uneasy” than the other tracks. Perhaps the most accessible track on the 7”, as far as one could use such a term at all for Galakthorrö music.
A cult release by a cult project!

artist: November Növelet
label: Galakthorrö
details: 7', 4 tracks. 310 copies, released in 1994.