Novy Svet / His Divine Grace – Nachtfang

Treue um Treue / Reue um Reue is the new minimal electronics / post-industrial label run by Wermut. This release is the first on the post-industrial branch of the label (R.u.R.).
Nachtfang is a true collaboration between Novy Svet and His Divine Grace so no split release, but music made together by the musicians. But, still you can hear that the A-side is Novy Svet featuring His Divine Grace and vice versa on the B-side.

The theme of the record is about the insects that every night fly into the light to meet their destiny. This tragic but natural phenomena is giving shape in two thirteen minutes long beautiful tranquil soundscapes.

‘Disparo’ on the A-side has a sort of Mmediterranean atmosphere, like more Novy Svet music has. There are also some subtle industrial sounds in the background that gives a hypnotizing effect to the music. This together with the whispering voice helps to create a very relaxing, dreamlike, listening experience.
On the B-side is ‘Diptera’ which is a really beautiful and moody soundscape. The synthlines are very much new wave inspired but stretched and slower. Some strange effects like weird sounds and a treated voice gives the music a spooky touch.

Not only the music is beautiful, this release in total is. The sleeve is very stylish with thick grey paper, with insects printed in black on it. On the inside is the theme of the record explained. Next to that there are five cards as inserts. On these cards are insects printed and pieces of text by Cocteau and Nietzsche amongst others.
In short a really beautiful release and a true collectors item.

artist: Novy Svet
label: Reue um Reue
details: 10”, 2 tracks [rur001]