Novy Svet vs Circus Joy – Roma Total

The undertitle of this 10″ is ‘an italiandaustrian ep’, which already gives you the impression that we deal with some strange music here. I don’t know the Italian formation Circus Joy, but from the Austrian Novy Svet anything can be expected, except ‘normal’ music. The vinyl features 2 collaborative tracks + 2 tracks by each band. On the cover we see a crowded picture of some Roman orgy, the vinyl itself has a nice gray colour. On the inside of the sleeve two lyrics are printed, my Italian is not so good but at least one of them deals with the love for jazz music.

Well, in fact the musical style that this record makes me think of the most is improvised jazz music, mixed with a high dose of madness. The record starts with ‘Vinkio’, a collaboration of the two bands, a rather cool jazzy track. It is followed by ‘Vinkio 2’, with Novy Svet singing in Italian, accompanied by a lazy bass. The first track on Side B, ‘Sintesi Musico Libera’ by Circus Joy is a very chaotic mix of sounds, the last song, ‘Sone IO’ is sort of a weird chanson.

The record label has made up the following sentence to promote this record: “A great cult disc for all collectors of “beautiful decadent european muzak”, the record for the beginning of the new millenium!” Perhaps this decription is a bit too serious for this strange muzak…

artist: Novy Svet
label: Old Europa Cafe
details: 10', 4 tracks, grey vinyl