Noxious Emotion – promo

At the beginning of this year I obtained this 4-track promo cassette of US band Noxious Emotion, and now (it’s about time!) I’m gonna write some words about it. As they say themselves, they make EBM in the style of early Skinny Puppy, FLA & Project Pitchfork. And it’s true, you can hear these influences. A result is that the music also sounds a bit dated and primitive, and not so modern as various contemporary electro bands. But if you still like classic body music you will not dislike Noxious Emotion. Apart from not being very original, other negative points are the not so strong production and the mediocre vocals of the male singer. The track ‘Indefinate’ starts as a song from Pitchfork’s early days, with a chorus that is more 80’s synthpop-like. The other tracks resemble more the earlier work of FLA or 242, but are not very convincing. The latest album from Noxious Emotion is called “Elements” and was released last year.

artist: Noxious Emotion
label: ADSR