Nurse With Wound & irr. app. (ext.) – Angry Eelectric Finger 3: Mute Bell Extinction Process

Mute Bell Extinction Process features three tracks of original Nurse With Wound material that has been worked over by Irr.App.(Ext)- otherwise know as Matt Waldron. This release is the third installment of Nurse With Wound’s Angry Eelectric Finger series, the first two editions consist of the same source material reworked by Jim O’Rourke (Angry Eelectric Finger 1) and Cyclobe (Angry Eelectric Finger 2).

Irr.App.(Ext)’s first track of the NWW remixes, Part I, is completely strange. Very dark and very ominous, a child-like voice rambles on about something while a coiling ring sound of some origin bounces from left to right. Bizarre! This track builds as more electronic-mechanical and acoustic-natural sounds intermingle; perplexing yet calming.

Part II starts with another mechanical sounding ringing, maybe like factory sounds on hallucinogenics. The clamor gains in intensity, eventually swirling in all directions, screeching and squealing. Faint voices entering the picture here too, but remain indecipherable and add to the intoxicating confusion.

Part III is probably the most musical of the three parts. It starts on somewhat of a balanced path, with a repetitive bass or tom drum mixed underneath a saxophone, flute, and some other source of whistling. The drum grows in volume and intensity while dark drones also enter the mix with more oddities, drones, and voices floating around. The sax on this one holds everything together; reminiscent of a player on a street corner, a street corner in bizarroland.

While I’d like to have seen all three of the Angry Eelectric Fingers released together, or more material per disc, I really like what is here. Excellent stuff! It comes in a really nice looking digipack from Beta lactam Ring too.

artist: Nurse With Wound
label: Beta-Lactam Ring Records
details: cd, 3 tracks, 40 mins [mt087b]