Ô Paradis – La Boca Del Infierno

Recently there seems to be a lot of interest in Ô Paradis judging by the recent releases and collaborations of this artist. This new album has a darker sound as before. Possibly the collaboration with Novy Svet has influenced Ô Paradis. The sound also has become more mechanic. Repetitive and minimal rhythms are the basis for the tracks. The samples and loops also give the music a mechanic feeling.

The acoustic elements and the singing is darker as before. In short, the overall mood has become more typical post-industrial. Songs like ‘Veneno’ and ‘La Sangre’ can hardly be called relaxing and easy listening mediterranean folk, like the album on Ahnstern was.

But… I like it a lot. The collaboration with Novy Svet was nice but this solo record is excellent as well. Hopefully Ô Paradis stays on this path for some time.

artist: O Paradis
label: Punch Records
details: 10 tracks, 2005 [PP011]