Ô Paradis & Novy Svet – Entre siempre y jamas…

This collaboration between two very good (and weird) projects was preceded by a picture 7” which I also reviewed on this site. I already liked the track Siento Sensacion which is also on this full-length, but still this album is full of surprises and in a way surpasses my expectations. The well-produced tracks sound clear and transparent, which cannot be said about some older Novy Svet work.

The first real track, Iberia Sumergida, sounds quite exotic and has some good heavy percussion. Track 4, Barcelona!, is excellent for it’s jazzy bass and percussion, and most of all for the really nice violin melody, which is simple but very, very effective. I also like the way the song gradually builds up.

I’m not going to mention every track, because there are 15 of them on this album…. What has to be mentioned though are the vocals. The typical Novy Svet vocals are very much present, including some insane shrieking and screaming, and this time mostly in Spanish. Besides this there is the warm voice of Damian from O Paradis, which is good as always. It’s really enjoyable to hear both voices combined on the album.

So… Quite an adventurous and entertaining album, with good music and a healthy dose of madness. Recommended and a must for people who already liked these projects.

artist: Novy Svet
label: Nekofutschata