Ô Paradis & Novy Svet – Siento sensacion/Guerra

This picture 7”, which serves as a taster for the full-length split release of Austrian Novy Svet and Spanish O Paradis (already out as well), features 3 songs.

On side A is the track “Siento sensacion”, which is taken from the full-length in question, which goes by the title “Entre siempre….”. So, does the combination of these two unique projects add something extra on the already original music they produce separately? I do believe so. “Siento sensacion” has a more rich and percussive sound than Novy Svet’s own releases, but on the other hand sounds more “weird” than the solo works of O Paradis. We hear a synth melody, percussion, very good vocals in Spanish and English by (I believe) both vocalists, and acoustic guitar melodies. If the full-length is of the same quality, it will be very enjoyable.

On side B we find two exclusive tracks. The first one (“Guerra”) consists of a constant bass line, insane vocals, a fucked up electric guitar, tambourine, and a loud snare drum. A weird but cool track. Finally there is an acoustic track called “Salvador”. This is a typical laid-back Novy Svet track, like the one on the HauRuck! festival sampler; short, with light acoustic guitars and vocals.

So, a very enjoyable picture 7”, on which the combination of the two projects really works out well. Limited to 188 copies only, but I would also advise to go for the full-length, and finally just buy all O Paradis albums too… in a few days I got totally addicted to their first album “Ensenuos”. And well, just go and get Novy Svet’s music as well, it’s worth it!

artist: O Paradis
label: Nekofutschata
details: picture 7', 3 tracks