Ô Paradis – Serpiente de Luna, Serpiente de Sol

O Paradis is a poetic and magical project by Demian from Spain (from the Catalan part to be more precise). As far as I know this is the third O Paradis album, in a nice digipack. Some singles have also been released, including collaborations with Novy Svet and Allerseelen. “Serpiente De Luna, Serpiente De Sol” is also released on Allerseelens label Aorta. 17 tracks keep you busy for an hour, and it is a well-spent hour. The music of O Paradis has a lot of mysterious atmosphere and sounds pretty unique. The sensual ballad ‘Ida y Pingala’ is perhaps my favourite.

‘Folklore magico, slow motion pop mediterraneo with a beautiful male voice’ is a description I found somewhere. I must confess that I can’t come up with something better, the music is very hard to describe. At times the music makes you think of a smokey club with flamenco dancers, and then again you are taken to a lively beach resort, or to the Spanish countryside, surrounded by peasants and sheep. Folk, pop, flamenco, industrial, ritual, experimental elements ensure a rich sound, which remains accessible and pleasant to listen to at all times. Many strange things happen in the background, a little madness which gives the rather laid-back music something peculiar and mysterious. Demian’s soft voice is also nice to listen to. Music to stimulate your senses and fantasy, and an ideal medicine to cure your winter blues. One of the few really fresh sounding albums which I encountered this year.

artist: O Paradis
label: Aorta
details: [AORCD08]