o.blaat – Two novels

o.blaat is apparently a female laptop performance artist from New York who does a lot of performances in the art scene all over the world. This kind of thing makes me somehow doubt the quality of the music presented. First of all I really dislike so called ?laptop-performances?. They are usually very boring to look at, and they usually display a piece of musical technology, NOT a nice piece of music.

The music presented on this CD consists of endless bits of repeating microtonal sounds that form a soft and slightly annoying noise-drones. I am not very impressed with the compositions presented here, and the sounds created are also not very spectacular. This is all a bit too intellectual for my tastes.

This label has a lot more releases that are really interesting, so this is a kind of disappointment.

artist: o.blaat
label: Cr?nica
details: Cr?nica 012~2004