Of the Wand and the Moon – :emptiness: emptiness: emptiness:

This is the second album from Of the wand & the moon, the Danish folk band around Kim Larsen, who used to be in the metal band Saturnus. The first album, with the ‘hit’ Raven Chant was already very pleasant, but in my opinion this follow-up is a big step forward. The album contains many catchy acoustic folk songs, like the opener Lost in Emptiness or Silver Rain. But variation can be found throughout this album, for instance with the oh so beautiful In a robe of fire, that is carried by a lovely cello. A large difference with the debut album is that Larsen is actually singing on most tracks, instead of whispering, which he now only does occasionally, like on the ambient-like piece Algir Naudir Wunjo. Runes and nordic mythology are important themes in the music of Of the wand & the moon.
Although some musical influences are never far way, especially Death in June, this album can convince me through the high quality of the songs. Good examples are Gal Anda (with a lovely flute) and Here’s to Misery (A toast), a beautiful folky song that was already featured on the Bragagild split LP (with Matt Howden amongst others). To prove the versatility of the band, :emptiness: ends with a 15 minute long soundscape.
Recommended album!

artist: Of the Wand and the Moon
label: Prophecy Productions
details: 9 tracks