Of the Wand and the Moon – Midnight Will (cd)

A reissue of the out of print 10″ vinyl single, released by Eis & Licht a few years ago. The original five tracks have been remastered and remixed, sounding quite clear. They are accompanied by two extra pieces: a long but not spectacular live version of ‘Midnight Will’ and a short untitled instrumental piece which is not very interesting either. The bonus material is therefore not interesting enough to buy this cd for. However, if you missed the original record and you are a dark folk fan, you can safely pick up this reasonably priced mcd.

‘Midnight Will’ and especially ‘Winter veil’ are very nice acoustic and melodic folk songs, with a dark romantic mood. Two of the best songs in OTWATM’s oeuvre. They may not be very complicated, but effective in conveying their atmosphere. Furthermore there is the martial soundscape ‘A mass’, an electrical evrsion of the title track called ‘Brace yourself’ (reminding of some Blood Axis work) and a desolate folk song called ‘A dirge’ (adapted from a text by Philip Sydney).

artist: Of the Wand and the Moon
label: Heiðrunar|Myrkrunar
details: 5-track EP Feb. 2005 (Heim001)