Of the Wand and the Moon – Midnight Will

A nice 5 track vinyl release from the Danish neofolk band around Kim Larsen. The titel track, ‘Midnight Will’, is a lovely melancholic song, dominated by acoustic guitars and the intimate voice of Larsen, who is whispering at times. “I still wander / I still wonder…”
‘A Mass’ is quite different, a very dark ambient piece. It creates a nightmarish feeling, with some dark rolling percussion. It can’t keep me in its spell for over 5 minutes though.

Side B contains three tracks. First ‘Brace your self’, which contains loud distorted guitars and solemn drums. This song is in fact a completely different version of ‘Midnight Will’.
‘Winter veil’ and ‘A dirge’ are two beautiful acoustic songs, with nice melodies and a lot of melancholic atmosphere. “Veil of winter and loneliness / my bitter and broken pagan heart / as I lie here tonight / with the memory of you.”

artist: Of the Wand and the Moon
label: Eis & Licht
details: 10', 5 tracks. released in 2000