OhGr – SunnyPsyOp

OhGr is the new name by which former Skinny Puppy member Nivek Ogre produces his music nowadays. Two years ago the cd Welt was released with material that had been lying around for quite some time. On that record Ogre presented his new sound: weird electropop songs that had very little in common with the dark music he made with Skinny Puppy.

SunnyPsyOp is his second effort after his ‘reincarnation’ as ohGr. Just as on his first cd the music on this disc is strange electropop. The songs are a little bit less weird as before, which makes the record easier to listen to.

It is hard to say if SunnyPsyOp is a better album than Welt. The first cd was a bit more original but on this disc there are better and nicer songs. For example, just listen to the first two tracks ‘HiLO’ and ‘maJiK’, both are quite catchy but could never be label as plain popmusic. Most likely it doesn’t really matter which record is better. OhGr will for the most part appeal to his older fans, much new fans will not be reached with these albums.

artist: OhGr
label: Spitfire Records
details: 10 tracks