Ohn – In the end, all things begin

This album by OHN from Austin, Texas, displays a fusion of jazz, hip-hop and IDM. Seven musicians are involved, who handle bass and guitars, beats and turntables, trumpet and saxophone. On top of that most songs feature the soulful vocals of Ryan Blum-Kryzstal. These combinations do not sound forced, in fact the album sounds quite smooth and releaxed. DJ Shadow comes to mind, but also Jamiroquai. I must confess that this is not really ‘ my type of music’, but I must say that it is well done. “In the end, all things begin” would be a pleasant background experience for a chiling Sunday afternoon in a nice coffee bar. Perhaps some of the more funky pieces could even make people want to create some space to dance.

artist: Ohn
label: self-released
details: 10 tracks, 2005