Oil 10 – Beyond

Beyond is the follow-up album to Arena (Brume Records, 2003) and the first thing I hear of Oil 10 since the split 10? with Empusae on Divine Comedy Records. Oil 10 is the brainchild of Frenchman Gilles Rossire. He produces electronic music in the shadowzones of ambient and techno.

Upon first listening, Beyond comes across to me as too smooth and dancy. But I must say, when I hear the album more often I also appreciate it more. The dance beats are often a bit too straightforward for me, but the melodic synth melodies are quite addictive. I also like the robotic voices in some tracks and the darker elektro influences in a piece like ‘Far & away’.

Beyond does not appeal completely to my taste, but it’s certainly a well-produced, varied electronic album which can be both enjoyed at the dancefloor (’Grand illusion’) and at home.

artist: Oil 10
label: Funkwelten
details: cd, 10 tracks, 2006 [FW008]