Ombre, L` – Medicine for the meaningless

This album was already released last year, but it deserves definitely some attention in this review section. L’Ombre first attreacted my attention with the song ‘Disappear’, the highlight on the Ant-Zen compilation “Ant Colony”. That song is present on this cd, as well as 8 other creations by the Canadian project around Stephen Sawyer. Don’t expect harsh rhythmic industrial, but highly atmospheric and subtle electronic compositions.

The opener is ‘Nowhere’, a lovely minimal piece consisting of a windy ambient background and scattered delicate piano sounds, quite melancholic. Then follows the aforementioned ‘Disappear’, which is built up nicely, with an exciting combination of noisy and soft elements. ‘Ressentiment’ also starts moody and soundscape-like, but halfway it culminates in some harsh noisy soundwaves, a suprisingly fierce part of the album. ‘Vagrant’is a beat-driven, yet restrained piece with a somewhat estranging effect. ‘On the beach’ really takes you to the shore with its sound of waves. L’Ombre really manages to hold my attention and arouse my imagination throughout the album.

Waves of frosty ambient, subtle drones, a few noises and beats and a lot of atmosphere engulf the listener and create a hypnotizing and chilling environment. Rhythmic and ambient at the same time, a complex yet meaningful and emotional album.

artist: Ombre, L`
label: Ant-Zen
details: 9 tracks. act129