Ombre, L` – Simulations 1.0

Simulations 1.0 is the second album by this dark ambient project. The first cd Medicine for the meaningless was very well received by both press and listeners. On that album icy soundscapes built both on electronic sounds and material from acoustic sources were presented. The sounds were complemented by rhythm structures.

For this new album the recipe hasn’t changed much. Although the sounds are a little bit warmer and the rhythms are more evident. ‘Living in Memory’, for example, is an atmospheric soundscape with a clear rhythm that hints at hip hop. The beats are building up and become slowly louder as the track evolves. At times the sounds are really thin and only kept together by the rhythm. ‘Synthetic Affection’ is a good example of that.

L’ombre has again delivered a nice atmospheric album. Despite the fact that Simulations 1.0 is not very different from its predecessor, it is an interesting cd. The perfect soundtrack for a city at night.

artist: Ombre, L`
label: Ant-Zen
details: [act 149]