Omenya – Ancient Rites

Omenya, a project of Mark Davis from the USA, first came to my attention with an excellent album on Tantric Harmonies about a year or two ago. He also made an album for Klanggalerie. This time his work is released by Purple Soil, an unknown label for me from Prague. The title ‘Ancient rites’ betrays a little in which direction we are heading. Ritual ambient music, with ‘ethno sounds’ and a meditative atmosphere.

References are Alio Die, Mathias Grassow, Rapoon or Vidna Obmana. The eight soundscapes are rather tranquil and minimal, with soft moody electronic layers, subtle percussive elements and some well-placed samples. Nice dreamy material with an organic, earthy feel, which guides you along to the mystic worlds of ancient cultures.

artist: Omenya
label: Purple Soil
details: 8 tracks, 70 min, 2005