Omenya – The dark meditations

Omenya is a project by Mark Davies, an American multi-media artist. The artwork on the nice fold-out sleeve looks rather oriental though, with images of buddhist statues. Not so strange, because Davies is fascinated by esoteric ceremonies of various world religions. The title “The dark meditations” is well-chosen. This album contains one track, over an hour long. The mood is rather solemn, the tranquil music invites you to reflection.

The music on this album never becomes wild or spectacular, just minimal, rather distant ritual ambient music. Important influences in the work of Omenya are early Zoviet France and later Rapoon. Organic and electronic means together create a quite interesting soundscape. Slow and subtle, sounds evolve in the background, while oriental sounds come to the foreground of soft drones now and then. Lovely and pleasant background music. After a while I got really sleepy. In my dreams I was watching a procession in the temples of Angkor…

artist: Omenya
label: Tantric Harmonies
details: lim. to 500 copies [tantra x19]