Omnia – 3

Like the title explains this is the third release by Dutch Neo-Celt group Omnia. Next to a music project Omnia is also a performance group that brings their music to life with their shows.

This cd is a 4 track EP on which the group shows both her rhythmic and her melodic side. ‘Dúlamán’ is a percussion song that besides drums and vocals only has a few sounds in the background. With tracks like ‘Bran’ and ‘Cooley’s Mandroby’ the group really portrays her skills. Omnia consists of excellent musicians, which becomes clear when listening to the beautiful melodies that are played on harp, flutes and other traditional instruments.

Although the song structures are pretty simple, the songs never become boring. This is due to the dreamy and addictive atmosphere the listener is plunged in.
The song ‘Get the Halfling!’ sounds like a parody on The Lord of the Rings hype but didn’t need to be on this disc. In fact it even detracts from the quality and atmosphere of the rest of the cd. Besides this last song 3 is a very nice EP.

artist: Omnia
label: self-released
details: 4 track mcd