Omnia – Crone of War

Although this is the fourth release Crone of War can be seen as the first real album of the Dutch Omnia. The band has been active for years and has played in different line-ups in many countries. For some time now the group consists of the three musicians who are responsible for the music on this album.

Omnia themselves describe their music as Neo-Celtic Pagan folk. The music they play is mostly written to honour the pagan Gods and has clear Celtic undertones, so the description fits the music pretty well. Their music cannot be really called traditional as most material written by the band members themselves.

The acoustic and organic sound of the band is put to cd in a very good way. Due to a crystal clear production the music sounds pure and natural. For the greatest part the music is quiet, even tranquil and meditative due to the atmospheric melodies of the Cetlic harp and flutes and the hypnotizing slideridoo (slide didgeridoo) sounds. Only in a few instances the band sounds a bit more energetic (‘The Wylde Hunt’ en ‘Morrigan’). This is really too bad, as live the band has a lot to offer when it comes to wild and energetic pieces of music.

Two great musicians have collaborated on this album. Joe Hennon (from Shantalla) and Oliver Sa Tyr (from Faun) have enriched the sound and music of Omnia with their musical skills. Especially the Scandinavian sounding ‘Auta Luonto’ is one of the highlights of Crone of War due to the Nyckelhårpå played by Oliver.

Thing is this record could have been a little bit wilder and more dynamic, more like the band sounds live. Besides that nothing but compliments for this original Dutch Pagan folk band.

artist: Omnia
label: self-released
details: 12 tracks [omniacd4]