Omnicore – Mass murderer

This album by Omnicore is recommended to everyone who likes bombastic and martial music. Perhaps not always original, but ‘Mass murderer’ contains a strong mixture of ritual, orchestral and industrial music. It was quickly sold out, but Divine Comedy Records has provided a second pressing. The albumtitle sounds aggressive, but the nostalgic spanking pictures look somewhat more innocent. ‘Reward the guily, punish the innocent’ is one of the songtitles which illustrates the themes of domination and revenge.

The first track, ‘L’orchestre noir’, reminds of the project of Tony Wakeford with the same name, but mostly of Gae Bolg, with its symphonic sound, choir and heavy drums. The ritual ‘Complices’ strongly reminds me of The Moon lay Hidden, mostly because of the commanding female vocals. The slower and misanthropic ‘Dying in Berlin’ makes me think of Ordo Equilibrio or Spiritual Front. The heavier pieces build up an orchestral wall in the vein of Sophia or Predella Avant. Other tracks are slow and solemn, like the tension-building ‘Les Alterations Cadaveriques’.

The English vocals have a rather strong French accent now and then. But that has its charms. Variety is abundant in the thirteen tracks.Omnicore masters all these style in a convincing and professional manner. I read that this is their second album, after a debut entitled ‘Der Peaker’, which apparently was more in a dark electro vein.

artist: Omnicore
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: [dc 031]